Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Our First Sunday Back,

so where else for lunch?

in Soi Diana,

as usual there was the carvery,

with a nice selection of meats, vegetables,

Yorkshire puddings and other delights,

Diana chose a Thai dish whilst Slim Jim and myself went for the carvery,

my watch strap had failed whilst away, so we stopped at the watch repair stall and had a new one fitted,

a look across the road as we waited,

and at a mobile food cart,

or two,

we said goodbye to Slim Jim, then across the road for a motorbike taxi home,

it was then feet up for the evening with a few films, firstly a comedy with Dad's Army, a spin off from the television series which was great fun,

next adventure and suspense as well as fantastic special effects in San Andreas, full of action, adventure and totally unbelievable coincidences,

to round the evening of Endeavour series 3, set in Oxford it was great fun as we called out 'we've been there!', as various famous buildings were shown, but a serious and gripping series of detective mysteries saw us off to bed.

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