Thursday, 14 July 2016

At First Glance,

some elephants,

 leaving some trees,

 looking closely,

 the detail in the elephants is so fine,

even more so when you consider how small they are, these intricate pieces are the work of Cindy Chinn, and were commissioned for the California-based Epiphany Elephant Museum, a miniature graphite carving of a family of elephants, the piece is titled 'Elephant Walk,' it features the animals on the tip of a carpenter’s pencil alongside trees that are dotted to imitate foliage, to accurately carve the minuscule materials, Chinn utilizes a magnifying lamp and trinocular microscope, the advantage of using one of these is that the image can be projected on to a screen, so you do not have to spend hours bent over a conventional microscope, in any event the carvings produced are just so amazing, for more of Cindy's work have a look here.

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