Thursday, 25 December 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow And More Snow!

yes it was the annual TQ2 snow party,
well polystyrene balls really, but what the difference, the girls loved it,
trouble is that when you take a picture the snow some times gets in the way!
Diana having a great time, she has never seen anything like this before,
Alf having a ball!
up to his neck in it with B2,
well it was only a matter of time before we were all in it!
balls every where,
Mas and Da enjoying themselves with a drink,
smiles all round,
and from Mick and myself,
and Mas,
Jeff and Da in the thick of it,
the balls get every where!
and I had a great time as well,
then Tom from Sisterz arrived, his bar is next on our list,
so there we all are with Wood the Thai manager from TQ2,
now this is what happens when there are lots of balls flying through the air,
then it was time to leave,
just have to get all of the balls out of our shoes!

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