Thursday, 11 December 2008

Adam's 50th. Birthday Party,

was in the Rose Marie on Second Road, just past Soi Diamond on the same side of the road going towards the traffic lights, above Diana and a new shawl, she gets a bit cold in some of the bars if the air conditioning is to low,
in the bar, it is open to the street and was quite good fun watching people go by,
Ned, Adam's girlfriend, Jaew who is Maureen's mamasan, and Nick and Maureen arrived,
also there was a seemingly never ending procession of these carts going past selling soft toys, I counted five in as many minuets, and they were all different ones! Adam and one of his friends,
the pig and salad were delicious,
Maureen and Jaew from her bar,
myself, Diana, Maureen and Nick,
then it was down to Sisterz to see Tom, as usual the shows were good, admittedly one of the new girls in the dance routine was a few seconds behind the more rehearsed ladies in the line up, it some what reminded me of the Olympic discipline of Thai unsynchronized dancing!
then off to Maureen's bar, considering it was nearly midnight and Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, Walking Street had very few people out and about,
on our way back I noticed that in Soi Blues Factory the ground level lights were now working,
a chicken kebab for Diana then off home to watch a movie,
but before that we bumped into Jordan, so we had to have a bit of a chat and then home.

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