Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I Have Never Heard Of Johnsonville Smoked Brats,

till Jeff brought some round last night, it appears they come from his home town, he saw them in Villa Mart yesterday so he bought some and brought them round for a impromptu bar-b-que, mean while the girls decided on their own version of a bar-b-que, there is a place on Third Road where you can sit and cook your own food, we went there some time ago with Geff and Honey Mae, if you are going to Pattaya on Soi 17 turn left at Third Road and go about 500 meters along, it is on the left hand side, well back to the bar-b-que, if you call them on 087-6170499 they will deliver the above to your door and pick it up the next morning, the girls had shrimp, squid and pork, it costs 300 baht all in, but that does include the drop off and pick up, unfortunately I do not have the English name for it and they do need the directions in Thai to get to your house,
even the chop sticks are included, Da and Diana in a flurry of cooking,
still needs a bit longer,
then it was the other bar-b-que for our sausages,
Jeff keeps a watchful eye on what is going on, no burnt sausages for us! they tasted really nice with a crisp skin, so nice in fact that when they were done even though Da and Diana had eaten they still ate a couple themselves!

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