Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Usual Suspects At 388 And The Choir Called In As Well,

yesterday I bought a few stocking fillers for Diana,
now the bottom of the tree looks nice and really crowded,
today off to Valentino's for a bite to eat whilst the rolls are being made,
Diana as usual had a spaghetti bolognaise,
and for me a prawn cocktail,
at 388 there was Geff and Mr. Tony, Jeff and Gordan,
Gordan's friend Brett,
and of course Big Jim, unfortunately Tom could not be with us as he was a bit under the weather,
Mike and Leo,
Mr. Sleep paid us a visit to! downstairs Da and the girls were having fun,
Diana, Riza, Gordan, Da and Fay,
the girls had done their own bar-b-que,
then it was time for the Filipino choir to sing, they call round every year and collect money for charity,
Riza joined in as well!
as did Gordan,
and we all enjoyed the performance immensely!
Da, Jeff and Mr. Tony,
Big Jim, Brett and Mike,
Big Jim, Diana, Brett, Riza, Mike, Geff and Fay,
Da, Jeff and Mr. Tony,
Diana and myself complete with Christmas hat!
another great night enjoyed by all made even more special by the carol singers, "Cheers!"

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