Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Cost Of Free Energy,

never comes cheap, yet again the raving greens are adding more expenses on every one to prove what I have always said, that wind farms and solar cells will never produce cheap never mind free energy, a new tax is sweeping Britain, the levy is an 'insidious' stealth tax that will hammer households at a time of rising unemployment, falling incomes and economic uncertainty, we are already paying an average of £410 more on our annual energy bills after price rises last year of 59 per cent for gas and 26 per cent for electricity, to make matters worse as far as sustainable power is concerned, solar panels that can now produce 40% efficiency called multi-junction solar cells use a rare metal, indium, the bad news is that at today's rate of use there is only 10 years supply in the world left, (no body seems to want to mention that FACT!) so we will be only able to use costly and highly inefficient silicon solar panels at 25% efficiency, only one way to go, like it or not nuclear, read this article from New Scientist if you do not believe me!

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