Friday, 27 February 2009

Living So Close To The Sea I Have Always Fancied A Boat

you know the sort of thing I have in mind, you shout out "Full Ahead Both And Bring Me A Pink Gin!" no but really just a gentle cruise around the far islands, a spot of fishing here and there, then cocktails watching the sun go down, well I will never have that sort of money - but wait the American government says I can have this one - FREE! there is a slight snag, interested parties must also accept a submersible dry dock the size of a football pitch as part of the package, well I could live with that, the US Navy has been trying to give away the £110 million Sea Shadow since 2006 after Pentagon chiefs said they no longer had any use for it, I just wonder what the fuel charge would be to get it over here to Pattaya? and James Bond would be sooo jealous!

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