Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tuesday, So Off To Soi Bukaow Market,

as we were going to see Mas's family, Mas wanted to buy some spices and things from the market that you can not buy up north, above is the entrance for the market,
whilst the girls went on a shopping spree Mick and myself had a look at the plants and fish before having a ice coffee and soda, lots of seeds if you have green fingers!
so many orchids and bulbs,
there are a couple of fish shops, but Bangkok is the place to go for a good selection,
we went past a few more stalls selling orchids on our way out before the food stalls,
lots of food on sticks, fish, pork, chicken and salad to go with them,
and of course dried fish, then home for a cup of tea and a bacon buttie!

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