Monday, 15 March 2010

First Thing It Was Off To Find A Mini Bus For This Afternoon,

we were going for a meal at Prechai, I tried the travel agents at Champion Travel, they are situated at the beach end of Soi Post Office, the lady there was more than helpful and understood that the bus had to pick us up then to Sabai Resort to pick up Mahendra and friends, driving on to Sea Falcon for cocktails on the beach and finally on the outward journey Prechai, where we would have a meal, then drop us all back home, no problem at all,
Mick called in just as I was arriving back, then Phil and Nok arrived for a cuppa,
then upstairs for a bit on the railway, I decided to make a start on the track wiring,
and as a add to my memory write it all down,
well it sort of makes sense to me,
after having problems with all of that it was off to Sabai Resort on Second Road to pick up Mahendra and friends, it is a very nice laid back resort just before you get to Bic C on the same side,
very nice and clean,
then to our first port of call, the Sea Falcon it is just past the Jomtien Yacht Club estate on the beach,
a few orchids on the way in,
Diana strikes the pose,
Gung, Sunda and Diana,
Mahendra, DK and Deepak,
"Cheers!" from all of us, we were going to have 5 fresh coconuts, but the same as last time we were here, they only had 1!
a view of the restaurant from the beach,
looking towards Pattaya,
and towards our final destination Prichai,
after the 10 minuet or so drive we are at Prechai, our food still swimming!
freshwater blue legged prawns,
'King' lobsters, quite expensive at 2,800 baht a kilo,
a mantis shrimp over clams,
horseshoe crabs, I tried one once, lets say it is an acquired taste!
huge mussels, these are about 7 or 8 inches from top to bottom,
the main counter, when we arrived there was very few customers there,
as it was late we decided to sit in the outside part of the restaurant,
new for this time was a huge deposit of sand in front of the restaurant, it must be a meter or so deep covering the rocks that were there,
the sand was just in this one area between the jetties,
Diana posing again,
then the first of the food arrived, steamed prawns,
Deepak and DK enjoying the food,
steamed fish in the middle of the table,
in the distance a wind turbine, it did not turn once all night,
sun set, another new feature here was the breakwater between us and the sun, I wonder if that is why the sand has collected here and not in the other bays?
'Cheers!' from Mahendra, steamed mussels in the foreground,
boiled crab legs, the good news is that all of the hard work has been done, just eat the meat, no cracking and fiddling about with shells,
then some bar-b-qued fish arrived,
the skin already expertly peeled away,
followed by garlic rock lobsters, yummy!
'Cheers' from all of us as the sun goes down,
it was then time to head home, by now the restaurant was quite full,
our happy group,
a quick pose by the mini bus then back to 388 for a cup of tea then for the boys back to Sabai Resort, a really lovely afternoon/evening everybody having so much good food and wine, also many thanks to the boys for this treat, for Diana and myself a couple of episodes of Doc Martin, of course the series is not popular with everyone, then off to bed.

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