Saturday, 11 June 2011

I Called In To See Don,

and sample some of his delicious coffee, he has one of those machines that are so expensive that grind the beans and force water through them, just like at say Starbucks, but whilst there Don showed me his new pride and joy,
his new three wheeler, great way to get around town, so long as her indoors can drive! a hello from Don,
next stop the bike shop, the dipped part of the headlamp bulb had blown 80 baht and I was on my way again,
the day just flashed past, all to soon we were off to the Friday night market, it had been raining over the afternoon, but held off for the evening,
I guess a lot of the traders had held off because of the rain too,
opposite the bar the stalls had not even been set up,
rain clouds in the distance, but luckily no rain,
a few new stalls had opened up in the pet section, but for furry pets not fish, also new was a dog grooming stall,
we kept bumping in to each other as we made our separate ways around the market,
then to the bar for a refreshing beer, a light beer of course, keeping to my diet,
as usual this young lady kept both Bill, who had arrived and myself in the amber nectar,
Diana returned with some chicken and a drink,
later we were joined by Sa, Brian's wife, also Juu called by as did a friend of ours Nong with her boy whose name I forgot to ask, then time to head home for our evening meal,
then feet up for The Mummy, we had watched it before, but still good fun, also we spent over an hour looking at the bonus material of how the special effects were made, fascinating,
naturally The Mummy Returns was next another all action film with an even longer set of bonus material, then for us it was off to bed.

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