Tuesday, 14 June 2011

This Is Another One Of Those Good Luck Stories I Like So Much,

whilst watching a Antiques Roadshow television programme, Jill Cousins recognized a broach that was featured on the show when jewellery expert Geoffrey Munn produced sketches of his 'most wanted' rare jewels, She immediately recognised the highly sought-after brooch, which had been gathering dust at the bottom of her jewellery box for 40 years, the one inch-wide 1860s design by famed Victorian architect and designer William Burges is now going under the hammer for £10,000,

Mrs Cousins said: 'I rushed upstairs and compared it to the one on the television, it is such a distinctive design, it was a tremendous surprise to be told the potential value, I had decided to sell it for £10 to a stall in Market Harborough, but I forgot to take it on the Friday, and it was two days later I saw the design on television', Burges created a series of water colour sketches of six silver brooches he planned to make in the 1860s but there was no evidence they ever existed, I just love good luck stories like this, if only I had an old jewelery box lurking around, who knows what treasures it might hold?

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