Saturday, 2 June 2012

Not Long To Go Now,

before the street parties begin,

to mark 60 years on the throne for Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain, 9,500 official parties are being held over the long bank holiday weekend – double the number for last year’s Royal Wedding – and many more impromptu events are expected to push the final number well beyond 10,000, the crowds expected are going to be huge,

 so expect the Mall to change from this,

to this, plus there will be countless parties over the land, for a look at the official celebrations have a look here, but then killjoy Sue Morris, head of ‘supplier management’ at an organisation named Joint Workplace Solutions, a division of the Treasury stepped in with an effort to stop celebrations, she issued a stern warning to workers in the Cabinet Office and Treasury, evoking Health & Safety concerns, in the email she wrote,

‘I note that some of the teams have decorated the area with bunting that has been strung from the ceiling and light fittings, I assume this was put up by standing on tables and chairs – clearly not sensible from a H&S aspect and not something we want to encourage, it’s also not appropriate to tie anything to the light fittings, as well as the H&S concerns, the appearance of this isn’t appropriate to a professional workplace – particularly a multi-occupancy building like this, the bunting needs to be removed and I’d be grateful if you could speak to whoever is responsible, however staff shouldn’t attempt to take it down themselves – please ensure that they call the helpdesk instead,’ who on earth ever gives people like this a job? does she not realise that this is one of Great Britain's greatest celebrations?

worse was to come as she warmed to her rant continuing about some of the Jubilee decorations, 'A4 coloured printed pages which I assume have been produced on the Flex printers, if this is the case, then could you also please remind your colleagues that that’s not an appropriate use of these fairly expensive resources … colour printing needs to be used sparingly and only for work purposes,’ her household must be a bundle of fun to live in,

but then commonsense on this event of events swept in as Chancellor George Osborne, ordered the edict to be overruled, He told staff that they should ignore the instructions and encouraged them to ‘cover the building’ with Jubilee bunting, an aide to Mr Osborne said: ‘as loyal servants to Her Majesty, the Chancellor was delighted to hear officials have got into the Jubilee spirit in such a way, the bunting is still up and is staying up,'

employment minister Chris Grayling, who is responsible for health and safety law, said: ‘no one anywhere in the country should feel that they can’t have bunting and decorations up to celebrate the Jubilee, Health and Safety law is all about protecting people in high-risk workplaces, it is not about ruining the fun of the Jubilee,’ Tory MP Priti Patel said: ‘this is typical of the killjoys and jobsworths that pervade parts of Whitehall and the civil service,’

I trust in the next post Sue Morris will receive a letter from Chancellor George Osborne and be asked to leave her position at Joint Workplace Solutions and join the dole queue, making way for some one with whats the term? oh yes, common sense.

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