Friday, 8 June 2012

We Were Out And About Today,

we had a bit of shopping to do,

 first stop the pharmacy, I needed to buy a few things for a friend of ours,

 then to TukCom, another friend needed some mini special batteries, once before as we had transport we tried to by them in 7-11, Family Mart and Tesco/Lotus, all with no luck but then we were told to try a camera shop, sure enough they had the mini sized 12 volt batteries that were needed, so off to Big Camera, a shop in the TukCom Centre,

 whilst in TukCom Diana just had to have a small ice cream, followed outside by some chicken and rice,

 along the streets leading to the store there are many food stalls, for customers of the store and of course the hundreds of its staff,

 most use carts but this one uses a bamboo pole with baskets at each end,

 another of the more usual mobile food stalls,

 whilst chatting to Alex he mentioned that a new Cherry's had opened in Soi Ko Pai, so we swung by there to take a look,

 unfortunately the one member of staff there did not speak much English, my Thai is poor at best, but we did establish it is under the same company that runs the very successful Cherry's in Third Road that we have often eaten at before, but unlike the Third Road restaurant here they will not be offering a special evening meal, like say the Wednesday night International buffet we enjoy so much, it is a little off the beaten track but I hope all goes well for the new venture,

 then back to 388 to play with my stamps, I had previously bought two new folders as the old ones were getting so full it was making opening the pages a trifle difficult, after our evening meal and having a tooth come out, it was feet up for a few DVDs, tomorrow Diana has a dental appointment so I hope they can fit me in at the same time,

 the first film of the evening was Fierce Creatures, which brought together so many familiar faces, the story is of Octopus Inc., run by a shrewd and cruel tycoon named Rod McCain, he purchases the failing London Marwood Zoo, up-and-coming business executive Willa Weston, takes control of the zoo and the zany keepers of it, very funny in places, 

 funnier still was Burke and Hare, based on the true story about the famous murderers, 'Burke And Hare' who supplied bodies to doctors, there are so many moments that make one laugh, the sets are good too with it looks like no expense spared to make them look just as you would expect streets to be in the 1820s,

the final DVD for the evening was the start of series 5 of Waking the Dead, in this episode, Towers of Silence, Spence is put into a cell with a man who is serving a life sentence for murder, which it thought he did not commit, but is some how linked to thefts at Heathrow Airport, the team have to find out who he is hiding, a bit complicated this one, well it was for me! with that we were off to bed.

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