Wednesday, 6 June 2012

This Is Almost To Sad For Words,

I mean how many tickets have to be issued before the traffic warden reads the note?

and realise it says that the owner of the car was in for transplant treatment, an emergency occurred and she could not move her car, as well as the fact that her car had a disabled permit in full view on the dashboard tickets continued to be written, the woman patient - who has not been named - parked her Mini parked at a disabled bay at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff as she went for treatment after a kidney swap, the ten parking tickets - each with a £30 fine - were plastered in a mosaic across her windscreen on ten occasions from May 16 until this weekend,

Ruth Walker, director of nursing for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, said: 'We are speaking with everyone involved to try and resolve the matter amicably', a Vinci Park UK spokeswoman who issues parking tickets in the hospital grounds said: 'our terms and conditions are clearly explained at ticketing machines', just think if this had not been reported in the news the company would still have continued to issue tickets! how totally heartless and uncompassionate the owners of Vinci Park UK must be.

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