Friday, 29 June 2012

One Of The Things I Like About Collecting Stamps,

is that they take up so little space,

but if space was not an issue I might be tempted to collect entertainment memorabilia in the form of old posters that were outside cinemas, like some of these for sale at Bonhams on July 3rd, Bullitt, for instance, guide price £150 - 200, 40" X 30",

The Great Race, 1965; What's Up Doc, 1972; Rosie!, 1967; Who Was The Lady, 1960; The Ghost Of Mr Chicken, 1966; The Perils Of Pauline, 1967; Adventures Of A Private Eye, 1977; Percy's Progress, 1974, majority 40 x 30 inches £300 - 400, just some of the 42 posters up for grabs in this collection,

 who can forget Jaws? yours for £300 - 500, size 27" X 41",

 a little different, a collection of thirty-four modern film posters, manly Sci-Fi/ Horror, the majority British quads, circa 1970s-1990s, several being advance posters, titles including: A Clockwork Orange, 1971; Batman, 1989, Teaser; Masters Of The Universe, 1987; Lord Of The Rings, 2001; The Sentinel, 1977; Phantasm, 1979; Deadly Friend, 1987; The Live, 1989; Piranha, 1978 [2], majority 40 x 30 inches, guide price £300 - 400,

 well no collection would be complete without Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, this is a 1953 U.S. Insert poster, linen-backed, 14 x 36 inches, guide price £300 - 400,

lastly a huge collection of British one-sheet titles including: This is My Street (x2), To The Devil A Daughter (x4), All Of Me (x2), Treasure Island (x4), Circus of Horrors, Invasion (x5), Shalako (x2), Cross of Iron (x3), One Million Years BC (x13), Wild Geese II (x3), City Under the Sea (x4), The Mayerling, Leaving Las Vegas (x2), Little Red Monkey, A Matter of Life & Death, The Red Shoes (re-release), The Man Who Haunted Himself, Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars (x2), The Man Who Fell To Earth (x5), The Elephant Man, British quad titles including: Theatre of Death (x9), British one-sheets 27 x 41 inches (69 x 104cm.), British quads 40 x 30 inches, (105 x 76 cm.) (67). guide price £200 - 300 these are just a few of those on offer, but think how big a mansion you would have to own to display jut the few here above!

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