Saturday, 13 February 2016

I Am Guessing That Most Of Us Will Have Of Heard Of Nigerian Scams,

typically you receive an email,

that a Nigerian prince needs help getting access to his massive supply of money, He needs just a bit of cash,a few thousand dollars or so to get the process started, or money has to be sent out of the country to your bank etc, in exchange, he'll cut you in for half of the money in the bank, well with space travel and exploration now in the news here is the latest from Nigeria,

I am Dr. Bakare Tunde, the cousin of Nigerian Astronaut, Air Force Major Abacha Tunde. He was the first African in space when he made a secret flight to the Salyut 6 space station in 1979. He was on a later Soviet spaceflight, Soyuz T-16Z to the secret Soviet military space station Salyut 8T in 1989. He was stranded there in 1990 when the Soviet Union was dissolved. His other Soviet crew members returned to earth on the Soyuz T-16Z, but his place was taken up by return cargo. There have been occasional Progrez supply flights to keep him going since that time. He is in good humor, but wants to come home.

In the 14-years since he has been on the station, he has accumulated flight pay and interest amounting to almost $ 15,000,000 American Dollars. This is held in a trust at the Lagos National Savings and Trust Association. If we can obtain access to this money, we can place a down payment with the Russian Space Authorities for a Soyuz return flight to bring him back to Earth. I am told this will cost $ 3,000,000 American Dollars. In order to access the his trust fund we need your assistance.

the scams are often known as 'Nigerian 419' scams because the first wave of them came from Nigeria, the '419' part of the name comes from the section of Nigeria’s Criminal Code which outlaws the practice, back to the out of this world one above, for a full look at all of the details have a look here, as with all things in life, if it looks too good to be true it is!

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