Friday, 5 February 2016

We Have Not Been Fishing For A Long Time,

but here we are back at the lake,

 it must have been raining a lot out here as the lake was full, so here goes, first fish of the day to me,

 quickly followed by Nick's first,

 then the second to Nick,

 not to be out done,

 my second fish of the day was in the bag,

 then the second fish of the day which was a tad bigger than the first arrived,

 in garlic with a very spicy sauce,

 you can not get fresher than that!

 there were a couple of other anglers here today,

 but no one on the far side,

 or next to us on the right,

 Diana being Mum deboning the fish,

 as soon as the fish arrived, so did the lakes cats, this one the mother,

 of this one,

 one tail of fish, two cats,

 so junior has to wait it out,

 by now it was time to leave so we took the fish we wanted to keep to be weighed and settle up for the day, the final score? 15 - 6 to me which is so strange as both Nick and myself were using the same bait, hooks and method, I guess lady luck was with me today,

if you want to fish here, it is the Mamak fishing park, their map above, it is off of Soi Nub Plan Wan, (spelt as it sounds), turn into the Soi from Sumkivitt, once in the Soi go over the railway crossing and continue for a couple of miles, the road starts to go downhill, near the bottom of it you will see the road the fishing park is in on the right hand side, almost opposite the big pink building on the left, follow that for a while, it twists and turns a bit and the fishing park is on the left next to a soccer ground, there are rods and tackle for hire and bait to buy, plus a fridge full of beer!

 arriving back at Nick and Maureen's home after some fresh sausage rolls, Nick had cooked a delicious curry, we were all full to bursting, 

 'Cheers!', from all of us,

then on to the serious part of the evening, Monopoly! which looking at the picture you can guess Nick won! we all had a great time so after thinking Nick and Maureen for their hospitality we made a move for home,

now back to the morning, Diana's family had sent a picture of some of the family enjoying our wedding video,

and here is the video of them watching it, today was the day the family should have received some more money from the travel agent that robbed us on the morning of our wedding, calling into the office of the agent they were told to call back on the 10th of this month, I guess that travel agent has to scam someone else to pay us, but at least so far we have received 10% of the money we lost to the scam, after returning home we watched a couple of Judge Judy, a nightcap and we were off to bed.

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