Saturday, 24 June 2017

As Regular As Clockwork,

the bug-men arrived,

 or I should say bug-man,  

and lady, they always telephone the day before to make an appointment and always arrive on time, if not a tad before,

 the outside and inside are sprayed,

 next stop Friendship,

 the building next door, coming on a pace,

 the shrine dwarfed by the crane,

 we stopped at the rear of TukCom for a take home coffee, in the afternoon we received a telephone call from NumChai, my calling in on the off chance of my camera being ready must have paid off, I was told as soon as I call in with 1,800 baht they would repair the camera, so I will call in tomorrow,

 we were soon at the Thepprasit Road weekend night market,

 where there were lots of mobile food stalls by the shrine,

 for a change nice blue skies looking towards Jomtien,

 until I zoomed in, then a slight grey tinge to the sky, 

 looking inland a slight touch of cloud,

I admit it, I do not have a clue what these are, looking at the back of them they seem to have a speaker but that apart a total mystery,

 a nice colourful stall with lots of hairbands,

 the mobile fruit seller doing his rounds,

 opposite the bar this evening a stall selling jeans and leather bags, next to it a 50 baht stall,

 for as long back as I can remember there was a fruit stall here, but not anymore,

 I had expected to see a few more support beams in place this week, but it appears no further work has been completed on the steelworks,

 a quite pet section, two stalls in both now closed and locked up,

 I called in for another couple of packs of dry food, 

 and was surprised to see the petting stall closed and locked up, it seemed fairly popular,

 sunset over the market,

 at the far end no more work on the steelworks,

 I made my way into the last row of stalls and walked towards the bar,

 and took a closer look at the jeans and leather bag stall opposite the bar,

 tonight we were joined by Brian, who unfortunately has to return to the USA for a couple of months, he will be flying back this weekend, 

 looking inland some cloud was moving in, we chatted to Brian then wished him a safe trip and made a move for home,

where we were greeted with the delicious aroma of a chicken casserole, 

then it was feet up for the second half of Godfather II

we then watched about a half of Godfather III and then for us we were off to bed.

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