Sunday, 11 June 2017

Not The Sort Of Road Sign,

one normally sees,

 so what is the story? well apparently to save money on gravel to pave his road, David Rose unloaded several truckloads of unwashed clam shells onto the access road to his property, as soon as they saw what was going on, Rose’s neighbours told him to use washed shells instead, as the ones he was unloading still had visible clam meat on them that would start to rot, He apparently declined and carried on with his original plan, after three rainy days, the sun came out over Tiverton, a town in Newport County, Rhode Island, America, and with it came maggots, flies and a stench that neighbours describe as unbearable,

neighbours have started a petition to get the clam shells removed, and have appealed to police and local authorities to take action, the town administrator has issued a cease and desist order, 

the owner of the property hung up when NBC 10 reached him by phone last week, note to self, think things through before making a decision!

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