Saturday, 17 June 2017

We Had Some Shopping To Do,

so on to the motorcycle,

 and off to Friendship,

 the car park was pretty empty, the new policy of giving motorcycles a parking ticket that you have to pay for unless you shop has stopped what was a huge number of motorcycles in the car park to just 20 or 30 that can all be parked in the small area in front of the new wing, 

 on the way back we stopped for a ice coffee and tea,

 whilst parked I noticed a slight name change, I had always thought it was the Day-Night Hotel, but it is now The Grand Day-Night Hotel,

 in the late afternoon off to the Thepprasit Road weekend night market,

 clear skies,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 I like the fruit sellers yellow bulb horn to attract customers,

 hardly any cloud looking inland,

 the fruit seller make a sale,

 only yesterday I mentioned Fidget Spinners, and here today, a stall which I am sure was not here last week selling them,

 I always ask if it is OK to take a picture and was told if the boss, sitting, said yes it was fine,

 I must admit they look very attractive, but in this high security age could easily be mistaken for one of those shuriken or throwing stars as they are known, that are banned by many counties and from taking them on an aircraft,

 opposite the bar this evening a top shop and what looks like it is going to be a 50 baht stall,

 still only 8 uprights,

on the steelworks, but some of the roof has been put in place,

 I guess next week the row will be in completed,

 the giraffe lamps had a couple lit up,

 and this is what it looks like,

 not many customers in the pet section,

 for us just two packs of wet food,

 a few people looking at the squirrels and birds,

 I made my way uphill to the bar,

 and watched some of the mobile stalls go by,

 then a nice surprise, Hans called by and wanted a picture, I guess for his blog,

 Brian was here as well,

we chatted the evening away, sunset over the market, arriving home a delicious lamb stew, then feet up for some quiz and game shows, next for us we were off to bed.

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