Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Day Started Well,

and got better,

 Boy Air Sound telephoned to say their driver would be picking me up from home,

 which he did and and I was soon walking toward my truck behind the BMW,

 and here it was,

 a nice paint job indeed, the cost was 32,000 baht, (at today's rate £743.40  or $942.00),

one slight problem with the new spot-lamps, they let in water!

the good news was that they were replaced free of charge,

as I was going past the store, I called into NumChai, just in case the small camera was ready,

the service centre is behind the main store, but alas, still no word on it, so back to waiting for a telephone call,

in the evening it was glad rags on,

and we were off to the TukCom centre, 

to one of the restaurants that are at the side of it, the Deli Diner

there is inside and outside seating, we had a coffee here last week and decided to call back for a meal,

for starters we shared a battered prawn salad,


and for our main courses, chicken schnitzel for Diana,

which looked and was delicious,

and the same can be said for my lamb shank,

that came with a glass of wine included,

another 'Cheers!', it was a most tasty meal, including a carafe of wine and two soft drinks for Diana the bill came to a very reasonable 976 baht, a really good find for reasonably priced and most delicious food, we took motorcycle taxis home then it was feet up for a few quiz and antique shows, next for us, we were off to bed.

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