Thursday, 8 June 2017

First Thing,

it was feed the outside kittens,

 again I had to put down two bowls of food, 

 the one black kitten hissing and growling and keeping the others away as he feed,  

 in the evening, it was glad rags on,

 and we were off out to, the Second Road entrance of Ripley's Believe it or Not

 but it was next door we were going to,

  the Marriott Hotel, now renamed,

 we made our way through the reception and bar area,

 to the garden,

 continuing along the promenade,

 we arrived at the Garden Cafe, with outside and inside seating,

we were the first to arrive,

 so I had a quick walk around,

 a nice selection from the bakery,

 hot pots with rice and noodles,

 there were so many things to tempt you,

  the selection seemed endless,

 and I was still on the desserts!

 there was also a refrigerator with chilled fresh fruit,

 on to the salads,

 and main courses, meats cooked how you like them,

 along with prawns and crabs,

 heated dishes,

 and noodles were also on offer,

 for starters a selection of cold cuts,


 and pickles,

 and last but not least a hot soup station,

 an orange juice for Diana, 

 and a red wine for myself,

 we both chose a plate of starters, 

 and Diana ordered a seafood selection,

 eyes down and tuck in! 

 we had another plate each of starters, then Diana choose a dessert,

 for myself some red pork and roast potatoes,

 then main courses, Australian rib eye,

 for Diana,

 for myself,

 lamb chops with vegetables, 

 on to desserts,

 during the course of the evening a number of dinners and some groups had arrived, eaten and left, it was now nearly 10.00 in the evening,

 and again we had the place to ourselves, the meal for the two of us came to just a tad over 4,000 baht, (£90.00 or $117.00),

 we made our way back past the bar area, 

and took a quick photograph and hailed a passing yellow and blue cab, arriving home a couple of quiz shows, and a nightcap, we are only making this one post today, again no telephone calls from the computer repair shop, the respray garage or the water treatment company hopefully tomorrow we will have some good news, and with that we were off to bed.

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