Thursday, 29 June 2017

If You Break It You Buy It,

is a commonly seen sign in many stores around the world,

 but what happens if it is you or your other half that tries on a 300,000 yuan (at today's rate £23,070 or $44,125), jade bracelet and drops it only to see it break,

into two halves? 

 a female tourist visiting the Ruili Jiegao Jade market last Tuesday did just that, and then fainted, according to CGTN, the tourist, whose name has not been disclosed, stopped in front of a jade jewellery stall and picked up a bangle to try on, however, the shiny jewel slipped out of her hand and split into two halves as it hit the ground, realising her expensive mistake, the woman blacked out and fell to the ground, “She fell in a faint, but luckily she didn’t have any serious problems,” Lin Wei, the son of the storekeeper, told local media, 

the good news is that she doesn’t have to pay the asking price, following an appraisal by the Ruili Gem and Jade Association, which is backed by Ruili Administration for Industry and Commerce, the broken bangle was authenticated and valued at just 180,000 yuan (at today's rate £20,455 or $26,484), so that's all right then! as an aside the next time you take out travel insurance, would your insurance company cover this claim?

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