Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Monday Started Well,

with a telephone call to say our truck was ready from being resprayed, 

 so I said I would call over the following day to pick it up,

 and here I was at Boy Air Sound on the Sukhumvit Road, I took a Grab taxi and for 370 baht I arrived safe and sound,

 heading out of Pattaya towards Bangkok go past the Toyota garage that will be on your left, take the next U turn and head back to Pattaya, the Toyota garage will now be on your right,

 then look for this sign as Boy Air Sound is on the corner, unlike my truck which was not, after calling and saying I would pick it up they failed to call back and say there was a problem and my truck was not ready, at least they gave me a lift back home in one of the staff's vehicles, also I was told when my truck was ready they would come to my home and pick me up, still the good news was that the water filter we have that needed a spare part for had eventually arrived and was fitted late in the afternoon, so one out of two for today, hopefully at some time this week my truck will be ready, well I dropped it off on the 16th May it is now the 21st June,

 in the evening off to the outdoor food court on Third Road, we passed by the bug stall,

 they were not on our menu this evening,

 there are plenty of places to sit,

 and lots of stalls to buy food,

 and drinks,

 but this is what we were here for, chicken soup, sen lek gai,

 and some pad Thai for Diana,

my evening meal, delicious, after eating we watched a few game shows and three antique quiz shows back to back, then for us an early night about 11.30 we were off to bed.

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