Thursday, 15 June 2017

If You Like Early Japanese Art,

as I do,

here is some great news, 

thanks to the Library of Congress, you can browse and download copies of more than 2,500 Japanese woodblock prints and drawings from the library’s online collection,

the prints, most of which are dated before the 20th-century, were amassed from a large group of collectors, including notable donors such as President William Howard Taft and Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes,

the most prolific works are ones created in the tradition of the Japanese art form of Ukiyo-e or Yokohama-e

but not only are there literally hundreds of scenes of rural life in the collection,

there are many depicting foreigners that started to explore Japan,

and pictures of everyday objects with Japanese and English translations, for a full look at the collection here it is at the the Library of Congress’s website, where you can search by date, location, artist or subject, all that I have looked at so far have given an option to download a full size high resolution image, I will be busy looking at the collection for some time!

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