Friday, 30 June 2017

It Was Shower Day For The Kittens,

which is always fun,

 for me as I am watching,

 first to be showered was Hogue,

 who is normally the most difficult to corner when he knows what is going on,

 next Mariana, who like Cable always plays with water in the pool or the aquarium, 

 but when it comes to being showered puts up a frightful racket,

 now time to dry up,

 Mariana and Hogue look at the antics of Cable, trying to escape capture,

 but he too was finally showered, we watched some television during the day, Diana and myself both spending some time on the computer, 

I made this short video of the outside kittens and their Mum, my day begins at 05.55 as I unlock the back door and feed the kittens, they are getting more used to me now, but this is a close as I can get them, with the camera between me and them, they look so cute!

after our evening meal we watched the start of Westworld, which we thoroughly enjoyed, 

then our film for the evening Solace, which was really good to watch, basically a psychic works with the FBI, and he is good at his job, but there is a catch, the killer is also psychic and better than the FBI one, I am not really into the psychic stuff but this was a good film to watch never the less, we rounded off the evening with a few game shows like The Chase and Tipping Point, then for us we were off to bed.

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