Saturday, 17 June 2017

When I First Looked At This Picture,

I thought of two things,

 Petunia and Photoshop, well I was right and wrong, I was right, it is a Petunia, called NightSky®,

 and I was wrong, the picture was not Photoshopped, Petunias, in general, are not the most exciting flowers to look at, but German breeder Selecta One managed to change that a few years ago, when it created NightSky®, a special type of petunia that actually resembles a trumpet-shaped galaxy full of bright stars of all shapes and sizes, it has won numerous awards in plant and gardening competitions,

 first the fine print, each NightSky® petunia is unique, as the density and size of the white marks vary on factors like temperature and light, depending on these conditions, it’s possible to end up with completely purple or white flowers, and Selecta One makes it perfectly clear that “due to the varying color pattern of NightSky® we do not warrant NightSky® to flower in a consistent colour or pattern and no claims will be accepted.”

according to Selecta One, temperature is the most important factor to consider when growing NightSky® petunias. Warm days and warm nights make the flowers predominantly purple, or, in extreme cases, completely purple, while cooler days and nights bring out the whiteness in the petals. So, in order to strike a balance between the two, warm days and cool nights are the perfect combination, however, some growers claim that the PH of the soil also influences the patterns on the flowers,

not having a garden with the above requirements puts them out of touch for us, but I was surprised to see that the seeds/plugs are relatively inexpensive, considering how much work must have gone into producing them, this just one offering on the Internet at £7.99, there may be more cheaper, 

and for the green-fingered amongst you there is also a Pink Sky, at $4.20 but both of these have sold out, so if you really want some you will have to leave contact details for when they are back in stock, and no I am not on commission, I was just amazed at the colour of the blooms.

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