Sunday, 11 June 2017

No Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of This Film,

but what about the actors?

in what must hold the record for the most actors injured in the making of a film Roar stands head and shoulders above the rest, over 70 cast and crew were bitten, scratched or had bones broken, the film stars Tippi Hedren, a young Melanie Griffith and a cast of savage lions, tigers and cheetahs who couldn't help but chew on the cast and crew every chance they got,

in fact, director of photography Jan de Bont is lucky to be alive after he was nearly scalped by a lion, leaving him in need of 120 stitches, which made him the perfect model for the movie poster, from the article,

Noel Marshall was bitten many times, often on camera, and hospitalised with gangrene; Hedren suffered a fractured leg wound during a scene with Timbo the elephant, the actress later found black gangrene in that leg as well— discovered while visiting Jerry in the hospital for his leg injury, no less. The list goes on. A horrific injury that Melanie Griffith suffered is even witnessed on-camera, during a scene in which she lay in a lion’s grasp (facial reconstructive surgery proved necessary)'

for the full story of this horrific movie, well for the actors have a look here.

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