Sunday, 11 June 2017


so time for some maintenance,

 Diana started first on the kittens pool,

 helped by Cable,

then Mariana had a look,

 as always she is fascinated by the water filling the pool from the shower-head,

 she heard the camera,

 then back to playing,

Hogue just looked on,

 for myself a 40% water change for the aquarium, water out,

 then water in,

 for some time it has taken longer and longer for my telephone to charge, last night and today it would not charge at all, so we parked opposite the Day Night Hotel and walked to TukCom, I had mentioned to Diana the front brake seemed a bit funny and mentioned we should call into the motorcycle repair shop on the way home, 

 as we walked to TukCom I noticed this mobile feather duster seller coming towards us,

 we passed the coffee stall we normally buy our take home tea and coffee from, into the store and my telephone was examined by one of the many telephone repair booths, I thought I was going to have to pay for a new battery, but it turns out it was the charging socket at the bottom of the telephone, I was quoted 600 baht (at today's rate £13.82 or $17.61) and we were told to come back in an hour or so,

 so with an hour to kill we popped in here, Deli Diner

 one of the many restaurants at the side of TukCom,

 we sat outside,

 and watched the world go by, an ice coffee for myself, a coke for Diana 90 baht, we then went upstairs, telephone repaired and we were on our way, and guess what happened next? the front brake cable snapped!

 luckily I stopped in time using just the rear break, the good news was we were just yards from where we wanted to go, the motorcycle repair shop, I thought it was going to be bad news, bearing in mind the motorcycle is over 20 years old, but no, the mechanic went to the rear of the shop and came out with a brand new cable sealed in it's original bag, 10 minuets and 150 baht later, (at today's rate £3.45 or $4.40) and we were on our way home, first thing I put my telephone on the charger and sure enough it charged 100% OK,

 outside for our evening meal, a starter of garlic bread,

 we were joined by a few sparrows,

 one with a fledgling,

 that wanted food,

 and for our food this evening,

 a prawn cocktail,

 then on with the barby,

 and now for something completely different,

 a sausage roll,

 with onions and lashings of bacon,

time to tuck in,

 and nice,

 it was, 


 so simple but so delicious,

 as was Diana's desert, unknown to me she had been busy in the kitchen,

and made a mango Graham, which I had never heard of before, it was ice cold and so nice, if I had not eaten the second sausage roll I woulds have had another helping, the good news, there is plenty left for Sunday lunch tomorrow, we listen to music until it was late, and then for us we were off to bed.

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