Friday, 23 June 2017

Many Years Ago In The UK,

I and many others used to go strawberry picking,

 eating as many as you paid for! but this is one farm where pick your own is not allowed, Yasuhito Teshima, and his farm in Japan’s Saga Prefecture remains the leading one in the world that produces this unique fruit, white strawberry’s,

and at $10 each, or in very small packs for $40 they do not come cheap,

Japan actually has several varieties of white strawberries, among which the White Jewel, or Shiroi Houseki stands out as the rarest and most expensive, one of the secrets to growing White Jewel strawberries is reduced exposure to sunlight, which reduces the level of anthocyanin, the natural chemical that gives fruits and vegetables their colour, but Yasuhito Teshima says that even after years of trial and error, his technique is far from perfect, only 10 percent of his strawberries turn out white,

and we could not possibly make a post on Japanese strawberry's with out mentioning the Bijin Hime or Beautiful Princess grown in the Gifu Prefecture, these strawberries can be purchased at the farmer's market and amazingly enough at a vending machine for strawberries at night, or direct from the farm, each one if it weighs in at over 80 grams costs 50,000 yen each, (at today's rate £354.00 or $449.00), yes you read that correctly, hundreds of pounds or dollars each, imagine the bill for a bowl of strawberries and cream!

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