Friday, 16 June 2017

If You Are New To Canada,

and at night if you look at your change and it glows in the dark,

do not worry, you have not become radioactive! The Royal Canadian Mint has released its Canada 150 special edition toonie ($2) and it's amazing, the new toonie takes the wow-factor a step further as it is the world’s first coloured bimetallic coin and the first circulation coin to feature glow-in-the-dark technology, the coin is part of the five-coin 2017 Canada 150 collection and features a depiction of the Northern Lights on one of its sides, designs for the coins were revealed last November and were selected from drawings sent in by thousands of Canadians who took part in a national contest,

The coins include:

5-cent: Living Traditions by Gerald Gloade of Millbrook First Nation, Nova Scotia
10-cent: Wings of Peace by Amy Choi of Calgary, Alberta
25-cent: Hope for a Green Future by Joelle Wong of Richmond Hill, Ontario
One-dollar: Connecting a Nation by Wesley Klassen of St. Catharines, Ontario
Two-dollar: Dance of the Spirits by Timothy Hsia of Richmond, British Columbia, the quarter and the toonie are the only coins in the collection to feature colour.

so when will we see coloured a glow in the dark coins released in other countries? and perhaps what a great way to stop forgeries, the set of coins is available at The Royal Mint, (Canada), and if you are into glow in the dark coin collecting have a look here at these other beauties, Canada also has lots of other interesting coins for collectors in the mints store, and no I am not on commission, I just think some of the coins issued by The Royal Canadian Mint look so attractive.

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