Wednesday, 28 June 2017

We Had A Few Things To Do Today,

and the day started in the street,

 the water company called round to mend the broken pipe in the street, so no more water for the flocks of birds that came to drink here every day,

 whilst outside I noticed that two pots of the cactus had flowered, 

 and nice they looked too,

 it is just a pity the flowers last for a day,

 but there it is, next Wattana Computers called round, I had telephoned them yesterday, for some reason one of my hard drives kept filling up with data, but turns out that somehow, well me messing with the options I guess, my computer was updating itself every hour, which is why the drive became full, anyway the technician knew what he was doing and soon had things back to how they should be, if you need a reliable computer company Wattana Computers is opposite Foodland on Central Road, it has plenty of parking at the side and rear of the shop,

job finished, I guess we inherit the pieces of concrete by the electric pole by default, during the day Diana popped into town for some shopping whilst I played with some of the infrared images that I had taken last month, 

 a couple of months ago I had a Camera converted by Protech Photographic in the UK to take infrared pictures, so out of the camera the picture of a temple looks like this above,

 I then play around with the image until I am pleased with it, above the basic finished image,

I can then play around with the image to give it a say dramatic black and white look, 

or make it look like a lost and then found antique print,

or go totally overboard and give it a wild psychedelic look, all for me great fun, not to mention a steep learning curve on how to manipulate the images, if you are interested to see more pictures and a step by step guide as to how to achieve them I now have a new blog with them in it at, not everyone's cup of tea, but great fun for me,

Diana had been busy with the computer as well, this is one of the videos she has made of her recent trip to the Philippines to visit her parents and family, after our evening meal we settled down to another game show evening, it happened similar to yesterday one show followed another by switching channels and tonight another new one for us to watch, David Dickinson’s Name Your Price, David's new game show sees couples try to guess if an antique is worth either £5000 or just £50, of course it is not quite as easy as that, great fun and with the midnight hour approaching we were then off to bed.

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