Thursday, 22 June 2017

If You Are Into Postal,

and are planning to visit London,

 this is something you may like, for the first time in over 100 years members of the public can explore the 6.5 miles of London's underground postal service,

when London’s Postal Museum opens on July 28,

the Mail Rail, which museum representatives claim is the world’s first driverless and electric railway system, came into existence some 100 years back, it was an alternative way to transport mail throughout the city since congested streets and fog were causing delays above ground, according to museum representatives,

when the museum opens this July, visitors will be able to ride through these abandoned tunnels for the first time in the railway’s history, hidden from public view, the 6.5-mile-long network of narrow tunnels, which can be just seven feet wide in some areas, sits 70 feet below street level,

the trains are modelled after those used in 1987 and take a 15-minute ride along the same tracks once used to hide art treasures of the Tate Gallery and National Portrait Gallery during World War I, the train ride will be accompanied by an audio-visual show that takes you through the history of the service’s creation and operation as you pass through station platforms underneath the Mount Pleasant mail centre, where the letters and parcels were once collected for delivery, once the ride is finished you can visit the Postal Museum itself, which will take you through five centuries of the history of communication in Britain and around the globe, tickets start at £16, so if you are into postal and I guess stamps one of the more unusual tours to go on when in or visiting London, and yes if we were in London it is a tour we would definitely be on.

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