Wednesday, 21 June 2017

There Are Some Things That Look Too Good To Eat,

and these are some of them,

biscuits, or cookies as you would call them in the USA,

 all lovingly made,

and each one decorated by hand, 

they are the work of Okashi no Kobito, professional cookie artist Nobuyo Toyono began her company creating edible masterpieces out of Osaka after graduating from confectionery vocational school, using all-natural ingredients, Toyono designs, bakes, and ices each and every cookie by hand, according to her website, Toyono pledges to “put her heart and soul into making colorful iced cookies that will make you smile.” Most incredibly, the eye-catching colors she uses in the icing are made from natural pigments: beets (red), spirulina algae (blue), beni imo potatoes (purple), gardenia (yellow & green), and cocoa (brown), but how could you possibly eat one of these masterpieces? check out her Instagram for even more examples of her confectionery handiwork, and it still seems such a shame it eat them!

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