Saturday, 10 June 2017

During The Day,

I popped over to the 3BB office,

on Thepprasit Road,

 where one of their rivals have set up shop a few doors away,

 the office is on the site of the weekend night market, in a few hours time this area will be packed with stalls,

and in a few hours time we were back there, I paid the bill in the daytime as one time a few years ago I called in when we were at the market, I was told they could not take money after 5.30 in the afternoon, I mentioned this to a friend of ours recently and was told he called in late in the evening and paid with no problems, so they might have changed that, any way it was not a problem to call in during the day, I had to go to the bank anyway,

 a slight overcast sky looking towards Jomtien,

 and looking inland,

past the 3BB office blue skies with just a touch of cloud,

 I made my way past the stalls, this one selling fluffy toys,

 opposite the bar this evening one stall selling cosmetic and make up, the other ladies underwear,

I was ready this week to see if any more work had been added to on the construction,

 and it had, there were now 8 uprights in place, 

 at this rate they will be at the pet section in a few weeks,

 the shop with the long necked giraffe coconut lamps has had a delivery of new stock,

 not many customers in the pet section,

 and none in the store where we buy our kittens food, the owner and staff sitting and waiting for customers,

 it looks like the petting stall might have a sale,

 rabbits, pigs and goats all waiting to be feed,

 sunset over the market,

 I made my way up hill, past some of the souvenir stalls,

 the sun now on the other side of the condominium buildings,

 these looked neat, house slippers,

  I want the yellow duck ones please!

 looking inland the sky darkening as the sun set,

 Brian meet us at the bar this evening for a chat, after saying our farewells we made a move for home, 

where we arrived to the delicious aroma of a lamb stew, then it was feet up for the evenings entertainment,

firstly John Wick, a good all action movie, with cars both old and new to dream of,

we then followed that with The Godfather:Part II, well until the intermission, as good as the first, the rest of part II tomorrow, then for us it was time for bed.

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