Sunday, 25 June 2017


has raced around again,

 so maintenance for the aquarium, 

 40% water out and replaced,

 meanwhile in the kittens room, Cable was watching Mariana,

 who was watching Diana,

 as she cleaned and then refiled their pool, 

 which was all too much for Hogue who decided to look from afar in the kitten cave,

 then I was off, to the vehicle testing station on the Sumkivitt Road, it is located just before the Bangkok Pattaya hospital on the same side of the road, 

 it was at this stage I realised I had committed a Zer,

 in fact back at school in the H¡-soq society of which I was a member it would have been a Double The Zer, I had brought the correct log book, but the wrong motorcycle! D'Oh!

 so on my way back I called into NumChai, the service centre,

 is behind the main show room and I paid 1,800 to start the repair of our small camera,

 then back to the testing station with the correct motorcycle and book,

 which passed the test with colours flying, I will pick up the tax certificate next week,

 on to our evening meal, garlic bread,

 followed by scallops,

 with bacon bits in garlic,

 next lite the barby, 

 and then the fireworks began, 

 there must have been something in this batch of charcoal,

 as again and again,

 there was a bang and showers of sparks filled the air, 

after the light show had died down it was on with the chicken,

 for our main course, 

 we were having satay chicken, Diana had made some peanut sauce and dish of cucumbers, onions and peppers in a spicy sauce,


for our desserts cherries and dates, but the dates were not dried as they normally are, they were so much nicer than than ones we normally have which are dried, we listen to music till nearly midnight and the for us we were off to bed.

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