Saturday, 10 June 2017

I Have Often Heard The Phrase That,

someone is in the dog house,

 apparently we have Peter Pan to thank for that phrase, but I do not think the writer of Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie, had these sort of dog houses in his mind when he penned the phrase,

 Alice Willimas, Creative Director at Hecate Verona, says that the development of these luxury dog mansions began three years ago, and was sparked by a series of questions, like “Why wouldn’t a dog house be as elegant and beautiful as its owner’s? Why shouldn’t an architect design a house for the dog? What if it could be beautiful, stylish and also practical? What if it had miniature engravings, windows, doors etc all in proportion with the dog house? Why is it that during a time when a dog is considered to be a family member can’t a dog also have its own dog mansion equal to its owner’s, where he can lie comfortably when outdoors?”

why not indeed? the UK company is ready to offer them just that, the homes will feature hardwood floors made from beech, oak and larch, walls, columns and balconies carved from marble and dolomite, indoor and outdoor lighting, automated food and water systems, treat dispensers, TV and sound system, prices start at around $40,000 and reaching up to $200,000 for the high-end models, I must remember not to let our kittens read this post, they will be so upset they do not have a home with all of the above!

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