Monday, 12 June 2017

We Were Eating At Home Today,

and as I readying the table,

 a rather guilty looking Cable looked up from behind the lights on the aquarium,

 he has copied Mariana in going to the back of the aquarium,  

 to look at the fish,

 such concentration, 

 lunch is served,

 roast chicken with all of the trimmings, 

 Diana bought the flowers on Friday for today's table,

and we still can not decided whether the blue flower is artificially coloured or it has been selectively breed to produce the blue colour,


 for dessert some more mango Graham, it was so nice, I am surprised it is not offered as a dessert in restaurants, especially as mangoes are so plentiful over here, Diana mentioned it can also be made pineapples or mixed fruits,

 as Diana was in the kitchen she called me in, the kittens had arrived for their late afternoon lunch,

they all looks so cute, after our meal we sat chatting and listening to music and decided to have an early night so just after 11.00 we were off to bed.

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