Sunday, 25 June 2017

Here In Thailand,

at many sets of traffic lights there are people that sell garlands of perfumed flowers,

 in the Philippines cigarettes and sweets, but in Brazil Aílton Manuel da Silva takes the traffic light street service to a new level, after losing his job as a lathe worker and with no other jobs in sight he turned to traffic light vending, but was amazed at the indifference of motorist, 

so He changed his casual attire with an elegant one, trading the shorts for creased pants, the tank top for a white shirt, the slippers for lacquered shoes, and even added elegant accessories like a black bow tie and a hat to protect him from the sun, people’s attitude toward him changed radically and he now earns enough to support his family and even put his wife through college,

over the past two years, the traffic waiter has become a local celebrity in his neighbourhood, and that has attracted the envy of his competitors, Genilson Luiz, who owns a self-service restaurant near Aílton’s usual spot, told the Diario Pernambuco that he often heard talks between other street vendors about how the traffic waiter was monopolising the area and putting them out of business, “They never got physical with him, but we had to warn another street vendor to leave him alone, explaining that it was Aílton’s attitude and elegance that was winning over customers,” Luiz said. “He always treats people with respect and they always look to him when they want to buy something.” what an enterprising chap.

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