Saturday, 13 February 2010

After We Had Tied Up

the local floating food shop/take away arrived,
these travel up and down the river all day, so after tying up and the tow boat leaving for the rest of the day,
food and drink is still available if you run out,

just then another group of visitors bobbed past,

our arrival had not gone unnoticed, at first 3 dogs came looking for scraps, then their friends and families arrived, on the other side of the boat fish were vying for our attention, a quick wash of plates and glasses,
it appears that a sand scrub is very beneficial for the skin,
a few more of the dogs friends appeared when another barge was brought near to tie up,
a tow boat rushing past the waterfall,
by now the dogs numbers had risen by more than a few,
later a fruit boat called by,
so we decided on a pomelo, papaya and sweet rice for dessert,
pulled of the tree this morning, expertly peeled,
we gave the dogs some bread left over from breakfast,
fresh pomelo, it tastes like grapefruit but a bit sweeter,
and some papaya,
then it was time to head back for our evening meal at our rooms,
on the way back these 3 river pirates crept up to our boat and stole a bottle of coca-cola, the boat drivers boy called to his dad in the tow boat, they bought the bottle back, shame really that they did not ask, we would have given it, but they just stole it, the same thing happened to another barge the following day, Steve and myself both saw it, they grabbed a rope in the water trailing from another barge, cut the motor of their boat and hauled themselves onto it for a raiding party, we then lost sight of what happened next, but they got their own back on us the following night, one of the girls heard some thing out side her room in the night, next morning the glass of our gas light was shattered, the mantle was fine, so it was done deliberately, guess who did it?
Diana relaxing before desert,
group shot,
Steve and the girls,
another one of the falls,
Steve and the girls,
work was still continuing on the bridge, not that you could hear any thing,
we went up to the shops to buy some more beers and I saw this, it is a ice grinding machine, I have seen lots before but not up close,
a block of ice is placed in the machine the red screw at the top tighten,
the blue wheel at the side turned,
and hey presto ice frappe!
whilst in the car park by the shops these two travellers arrived, talk about an overloaded bike, it was piled high with their gear,
some more of that fine bamboo that was on the waterfall is here growing between the boats,
our afternoon meal is being prepared,
this was the problem with the old bridge, it was just to low in the rainy season, stopping boat passage until the waters receded, hopefully the new bridge will stop this happening,
our as yet unbroken lamp,
when Steve returns to the UK he has to make his mind up about which new car to buy,
we then settle down for a snack and wait to see what the evening will bring.

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