Friday, 19 February 2010

We Decided To Have Breakfast On The Beach At Jomtien,

so it was off to the Surf Kitchen on the corner of Soi 6,
every time we visit there is a offering in the entrance of floating flowers and gifts on a spirit table,
Diana had a fresh coconut,
and for me? yes you guessed it, prawn salad! on the way back we stopped at the permanent market at the top of Jomtien Soi 5, Diana bought some of those 'Japanese plums',
lots of fruit to chose from,
Diana also bought some of those round fruits behind her, but I do not know what they are called,
the flower stall was a bit light on flowers today,
not so the vegetable stall,
then some ice and crisps from the 7-11 and it was home to catch up on e-mails for the rest of the day,
then feet up to watch Fearless Vampire Killers or as it was known in the US, Dance of the Vampires, what ever the name a thoroughly enjoyable light hearted vampire movie, great scenes and good casting,
then Them, a story taken to heart by the makers of Godzilla, in both nuclear testing produces a mutant, but instead of a mutant lizard in Godzilla in Them giant ants are produced, I bought it as I remember seeing it years ago as a kid, scary stuff indeed in those days, watching it today it is easy to be dismissive about it, but no computers in those days to make images, so not as scary today, but it brought back a few memories, then off to bed.

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