Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Every Year There Is A Traveling Horticultural Show,

near the temple complex close to the Buddha mountain, there are a few other stalls as well selling other goods, like this one with furniture, there are all sorts of plants for sale, the first unusual one we saw was this one, a type I think of ornamental gourd producing these strange looking fruits,
there were also stalls selling small figurines for miniature gardens,
row upon row of fruit trees,
one of the tees with the nice small yellow plums,
one of my favorites, one of the many types of bamboo,
a very old looking succulent,
now on to another group of my favorite plants, the orchids,
there are so many types and colours to chose from,
although a bit pale here, in life this was a lovely yellow,
red and white, these are known as Phalaenopsis orchids,
mush smaller are these, having sometimes literally hundreds of flowers on one stem,
a close up of the flowers, each one is an inch or so across,
I am not sure which this group is from but very nice it was to,
Steve liked the orchids to, he has a full size Pentax camera,
amongst the more exotic plants there were some roses, common enough in the UK, when I had my place in the country I tried grow some, but with no success, it appears they only grow up north where the weather is cooler,
there were not as many people as I would have expected, a few years ago I went to a similar show in Sirichai, it was packed,
but here moving around was easy,
as the Fred Heatherton (a UK song writer) goes 'I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts!' well may be in a few years time if you buy these, the song was made world famous by Danny Kaye,
some more of the yellow plum tress, Mr. Tony bought some for his garden some years ago, alas with no growing success, again like the roses it appears they need a cooler climate,
we did actually buy some of the fruit, 80 baht a kilo I think
and by a strange happenstance ate the last of them last night, delicious!
more of my favorite group, this time the yellow stemmed bamboo,
next to the show there is in fact a small farm, a large plot growing these egg plants,
well with Valentines day approaching I had promised Diana a silver necklace and pendant, guess what? this stall had the one she wanted, and I thought it was going to be a cheap day out!
surprisingly there were a lot of cactuses for sale, I have never seen anyone growing these except in a public garden,
the same applies for these Bromeliads, again I have seen them except in public gardens,
then on to the banana section,
there are examples of the fruits, with these young plants for sale,
but first a cool drink, although under cover it was still hot,
we spotted this strange looking plant, I did not have a clue what it was,
Diana said it reminded her of one of those plants that traps insects, but I do not think so, it has to many leaves,
we then came across more Bromeliads,
some of the hanging pitcher plants,
and bamboo,
again I am not sure what these are, mini Chrysanthemums maybe?
more coconuts, but these were a new type with better tasting fruit,
then back to the almost unlimited number of bananas,
there were so many variaties avalable, all with plants for you to buy and take home,
row after row,
strange couloured ones as well,
novelty ones as well, I am not sure if you actualy eat these,
I am not sure about this one either,
the longest 'bunch' I have ever seen, it would take a day to peel them all!
the last row and we move on,
only to fall over more Bromeliads,
almost hundreds of them,
they must be a lot more popular than I at first thought,
then I decided to treat myself, 3 small orichids for 100 baht,
and then more baby cactuses,
by now the sun was going down so the girls made a move back to the truck,
then home shower and get ready for the evening.

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