Thursday, 18 February 2010

Glad Rags On And It Was Time To Go,

well it was Wednesday,
Diana in one of her new dresses, looking as lovely as ever,
we had eaten at home, but Diana fancied some melon, so 10 baht's worth was ordered,
Walking Street was still busy,
our first port of call, Carousel in Soi Diamond, we popped in their first as it was still early and Grieg does not arrive till 9.00 or so, after a few there it was on to see Grieg in Sweethearts, whilst there an old friend Don Johnson called in, he is over here for some SCUBA diving, but is only here for a few days, he will be leaving Friday, then on to see Juu in Champions, we had a few there then time to head for the hills,
as we walked past the Marine Plaza I heard a little voice, 'I like that one, that one and that one' no prizes for guessing who!
then a bite to eat at home and home we went, when we returned home we watched The Time Machine, the 1960's version, we have also bought the newer one so maybe in a few nights time we will watch that, but back to the 1960 version for it's time scary indeed, but a bit tame nowadays, the good news is that from today the blog is up to date, so I will be putting on, as it says on the opening page, things that we find interesting, amusing or just plain weird, and it will be full steam ahead on the railway once the daily blog is finished.

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