Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A Couple Of Years Ago,

we made a post about the 17 year cycle of cicadas,

they have a 17 year hatching cycle, our previous post about them is here, well it looks like the folks in Northeast U.S. will have a mass hatching of them this year as soon as the soil reaches 64 degrees Fahrenheit, this latest brood is composed of several species including Magicicada septendecim, M. cassini and M. septendecula, and is expected to take over West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and a tiny spot on Long Island, but they are not a direct threat to humans, the 1.5-inch insects can reach a density of 1.5 million insects per acre, cicadas drink only tree sap and don’t bite, sting or cause serious crop damage, the hordes of insects may drive some people away, but for some areas it’s become a tourist attraction, some resorts even advertise the insects, Ohio State University professor Dave Shetlar tells CNN, they have visitors that are coming from China and Japan and European countries [who] want to come and experience the cicada emergence,’ says Shetlar, one particular hotspot embracing the swarms is Cleveland, which will host cicada walks, talks and a festival, ‘it’s going to be a wild ride,’ Wendy Weirich, director of Outdoor Experiences for the Cleveland Metroparks tells Cleveland.com, ‘it’s like Rip Van Winkle for insects.’ what a show it will be and all for free.

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