Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Down To The Station,

to buy our tickets for tomorrow,

 as tomorrow it is Diana's day off, so we are going to Hastings, a seaside town, and one of the Cinque Ports on the Southeast coast, after saying goodbye to Diana as she went to work, 

I made my way along The Drive, crossing the River Beck, it forms the border between the London boroughs of Croydon and Bromley, indeed, historically, this was also the border between Surrey and Kent,

 it gives its name to Beck Lane, Elmers End and Beck Way, Beckenham, the Beck flows into Cator Park, where it is joined by the Chaffinch Brook, 

 continuing towards Sainsbury's I noticed this Lavender bush in a garden, much more advanced than the ones at the Lavender field we went to last week, I guess that one's there will have caught up in another few weeks, so another visit is on the cards, I called into Sainsbury's and picked up the computer mouse that we had paid for, a click and collect delivery, I did some food shopping and then home, Steve called round in the late afternoon for a coffee and a chat, it was great to hear about all of Steve and Kai's travels in Thailand, after saying goodbye and my evening meal it was feet up for a golden oldie, Moonraker, followed by Enemy of the State, 

then time to pick up Diana from the bus stop for our walk home through the park, next for us feet up, a coffee and one more from Game of Thrones, as the time approached 01.00AM, for us we were off to bed.

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