Thursday, 8 October 2015

A New 2 Seater Aeroplane,

takes to the skies,

it is the Icon Aircraft's A5, Icon has spent seven years developing a two-seat light sport aircraft simple and safe enough that anyone can learn to fly it and why? the Federal Aviation Administration rule change in 2004 that created a new classification of pilot’s license and aircraft, the Light Sport Aircraft rule and associated Sport Pilot License created the regulatory space for a new type of recreational airplane meeting certain weight and performance requirements, it also created a lower barrier to entry for pilots wanting to fly these slow-moving, lightweight, fair-weather-only aircraft,

weighing just 1,000 pounds empty, the A5 tops out just above 100 miles per hour but only needs to be moving 40 to 50 miles per hour at takeoff (a low stall speed is among the FAA’s light sport aircraft requirements), it requires less than 900 feet for takeoff and landing on water, less than 650 feet on a runway and can travel 427 nautical miles on a tank of regular gas, amongst many other safety features the A5 also packs a full aircraft parachute for any airborne emergencies, one other great feature is its storage when not in use, the wings fold so it fits in a normal sized a garage and can be towed on a trailer for vacations, will this product take off? Icon delivered its first A5 to a customer in July and has deposits for 1,500 more, as with most things there is a price to pay, currently $200,000 for the most basic model, would I like one? you bet! just a shame I do not have a garage to keep it in!

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