Monday, 5 October 2015

Out For Sunday Lunch Again,

Mr. Tony kindly picked me up,

 we parked in Soi LK Metro,

 the same as last week,

 and walked into Soi Diana, and here we were the Robin's Nest,

 just as Slim Jim arrived by motorbike,

 the slushie machine did not have many customers it was I guess because of all of the rain we have been having lately, almost chilly,

 Mr. Tony and Slim Jim,

 the well stocked bar,

 along with one of the many charming waitresses,

 today we all went with the 3 course menu, the soup of the day was asparagus,

 my main course,

 both Slim Jim and myself,

 went with the set 279 baht menu that included ice cream,

 Mr. Tony went with apple crumble with custard,

 which looked delicious,

 Slim Jim had a coffee whilst I decided on a latte,

 after saying farewell to Slim Jim we made a move towards Soi Bukaow,

 crossing it, 

 and into Soi Lengkee,

the new building on Third Road now finished, in fact the last time Diana and myself passed the building at night there were more than a few lights on in rooms, so I guess occupants or if it is a hotel guest are already using the building,

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows was our first film of the late afternoon, great fun as Holmes gets married and Sherlock sadly dies,

followed by a delightful film, La Gloire de Mon Père, (My Father's Glory), the story follows a family at the turn of the century in rural France, La Gloire de mon père, was published in France in 1957, it is the first volume of four autobiographical novels by Marcel Pagnol, the second volume, 'Le château de ma mere', was published in 1958, in the novels, Marcel's meeting Lili takes place in volume two, as does Marcel's decision to stay at Provence as a hermit, the two novels were translated into English and published by Doubleday (in the U.S) as a single book in 1960 under the title 'The Days Were Too Short' both Mr. Tony and myself thoroughly enjoyed the film, so we are looking forward to watching Le Château de Ma Mere the next time we are out for a Sunday lunch, I said goodbye to Mr. Tony watched some cable television and I was then off to bed.

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