Saturday, 10 October 2015

For As Far Back,

as I can remember ,

 tyre companies have tried to invent a car tyre that will never go flat, with very little success, but a tyre company from South Korea, Hankook thinks they have cracked it, in case you have not heard of the company it is an award-winning developer of innovative rubber products that has been around for over 74 years, in 2013, they were chosen as an original equipment supplier for the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, in 2014, they opened a plant in the U.S. in Clarksville, TN. on to the tyre, named the iFlex the prototype reportedly completed successful tests of its ride, handling, and high-speed driving abilities, apart from saying that and there is no air inside the tire the only other snippet of information is that there are 4 steps in the process of manufacture, in normal tyres there are 8 stages in production, will it make it on to normal road cars? again no word on that but who knows?

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