Thursday, 1 October 2015

You Can Run,

you can hide, 

but you will never see it coming as the United Kingdom has unveiled a new weapon, the most secretive in the entire world, called the Taranis, this drone can reach speeds of more than 700 mph. it’s a drone you will never get to see; you will only hear the shrill of its sonic boom high above in the skies, BAE Systems, a British defense, security and aerospace company based in London, spent the last decade developing Taranis (named after the God of Thunder in Celtic mythology), at a cost of nearly 300-million (USD), the Taranis will never be detected on the radar and it is hailed as the most advanced-state-of-the-art drone ever built, this done will carry out a number of important duties for the British military: it will gather surveillance and intelligence to stay one step ahead of the enemy, and it will also serve as a powerful and deadly weapon that will tactfully carry out intense strikes in war zones and hostile territories, so look out, look out, there's a Taranis about!

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